The Rules for a Strengths-Based Philosophy
Maximizing Strengths Maximizes Output

Key 5

Our strengths are gifts that are meant to be used and when they are, you will find your greatest success and yes, more happiness.  You will be more focused and engaged.  You feel good because you are growing and developing and you will find higher levels of innovation and creativity.  When you maximize your strengths, you can forge forward with great confidence.

The key to success is to fully understand how to apply your greatest talents and strengths in your everyday life.  In all parts of our life, when we are able to use our best abilities to accomplish our daily activities, we succeed.  As with athletes that use their greatest talents to be victorious in a sporting event, we too, can learn to maximize our strengths and use them to accomplish our goals.  

Maximizing your strengths means seeking and finding opportunities to use your strengths to succeed.  It also means to hone your talents and practice using your strengths to achieve what you desire.

Maximizing your strengths allows you to be your authentic self.  When you know why you do what you do and you work within your talents you have no competition.  You are unique in your abilities and approaches to executing changes, meeting challenges and solving problems.  Gallup says that there is a 1 in 33 million chance that you will have the same top 5 strength themes as another person in the same order.  Your strengths make you extraordinary.

Everybody has unique talents.  It is to your advantage to maximize your strengths.  This is the best competitive advantage that you have and the best way to define your worth.   Your talents determine what you can do and maximizing those talents enhances your worth so that you can make your mark.

You will set yourself apart by sharing what you know, your unique knowledge and experiences.  By sharing what you know is the best way to increase you sphere of influence in the information age. 

To maximize your strengths, you need to actually take your strengths and use them, try them out, and practice them which allows you to shape and focus their usefulness in order to reach your full potential and to magnify the intensity of your impact.  Focus on maximizing your Strengths!