The Rules for a Strengths-Based Philosophy
Root for Your Team!

Key 4

As a team leader, you need to be your team’s biggest cheerleader.  Leaders that know the strengths of their team can root for their team’s success with confidence.

Leaders that support their teams by helping them to reach new heights and be their best are far more likely to achieve success.  As a leader, it is your job to share your knowledge and wisdom and you make the point of investing time and resources to show your team members that you believe in them, creating a win-win situation for all.  Leaders need to see the potential in their team and work to develop their talents into strengths and equip them with what they need to succeed.

Leaders need to groom their team members to become leaders. When you groom others, you are transferring authority to them, allowing them to share the load and giving them the opportunity to lead.  In empowering them you are ultimately working toward the day that you can hand over the reins. When you empower people, you are influencing not only them, but also the people they will influence in turn through their leadership. This ultimately enhances your ability to lead and helps the organization to thieve and grow.

Remember, everybody wants to feel that they count for something and are important to the organization.  People will work harder, do more and be more productive for leaders that care about them.  Gaining your teams trust will earn you their respect.

Root for your team!

Using a strengths-based philosophy to empower teams is key to achieving success.

  •      Help your team be the best that they can be and then cheer      them on.
  •      Don’t try to fix their weaknesses.
  •      Help team members to cultivate their strengths.
  •      Help each person become more of who they already are.
  •      Celebrate individual strengths and team successes.