The Rules for a Strengths-Based Philosophy
Strengths – Guidepost to Help You “Stay in Your Lane”

Key 3

We all obviously know the importance of staying in our own lane when driving.  Not doing so will have serious, mostly negative consequences.  Lanes dictate critical elements of our life journey like speed, direction and ultimately, our destination.  In California, big rig trucks are restricted to the 2 right lanes on the freeway and can travel at no more than 55 MPH. The design and function of these lanes are crucial to the efficient movement of traffic.  When we travel on airplanes, trains, boats and bicycles, they too have lanes that they must travel to avoid collisions and safely get to their proper destinations.

This concept translated into how we live our daily lives gives us a framework to apply our strongest talents in the areas that we excel and can make the biggest contribution.  Our talents are measured in our strengths and these strengths act as guidepost that keep us in the correct lanes.   When working in any collaborative environment, staying focused in the areas that you do your best helps the team perform more efficiently and helps bring success.  When you identify your strengths and the strengths of your team and apply those strengths appropriately, you have the best chance of maximizing your productivity and achieving your desired goals.  Key components associated with this philosophy are knowing the strengths of those around you and knowing when to ask for help.  Knowing the strengths of your colleagues allows you to approach them in a way that is meaningful to them and allows you to be more productive.  Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that we don’t have to do it all and that you have a dynamic team of people around you that are fully capable of walking alongside of you.  Being truly engaged in the concepts of a strengths -base philosophy, you can to empower those around you to reach the prescribed outcomes and achieve the highest levels of success.

I see knowing your strengths and operating in them as nurturing YOUR “magic”.  Knowing your strengths, by way of self-discovery, self-empowerment and self-awareness helps you comprehend and articulate your “magic”.  Your strengths are unique to you.  How you use them and how your strengths are expressed and lived out each day are your special gift.  When you stay in your magic, you can provide maximum focus to what you do well, stay away for those things that are distracting and stay out of other people’s way.  Traversing the busy highways of life are tricky.  When you stay in your lane, your energy and contributions will substantially contribute to getting to your destinations successfully.