Irma Vargas

Irma is a Certified StrengthsFinder coach and has a BA in English from Whittier College and a Master’s in Public Administration from Cal-State Northridge and has worked in the private and public sectors for several decades. Her passion lies in helping others find their strengths. Therefore, she left public service to start her journey on teaching, giving and creating. She has formed a group of companies that help her share her strengths, give to others to help them find and develop their strengths and be creative in the process. Her experience and expertise in customer service, project and performance management, leadership and team building, were all laying the foundation for the work that she does. She is living in her strengths with her companies and feels they are all very intertwined and intimate with each other.

 V1H Consulting ...Where, along with her business partner Larry Hammond, she inspires others to live from their strengths and talents to create a life they have always dreamed of. 

Guacamole Greetings ...Are Spanglish greeting cards that embody her Hispanic Heritage

Victory1Hundred Foundation ...Gives back to her local community through educational scholarships.

Irma's Top 5 Strengths: Strategic, Connectedness, Learner, Intellection, Developer


Larry Hammond, Sr.

Larry Hammond, Sr.

Larry is a Certified StrengthsFinder coach and his strong background in organizational development, strategic planning, institutional communication, leadership development and change management led him to become a Performance Improvement Consultant.  He works in partnership with individuals, corporations, agencies and educational institutions; provides executive leadership and coaching to shape the 21st century diverse workforce environment.  He has influenced quality enhancements in executive management, policy development and streamlining processes. He offers the unique combination of hands-on administration that maximizes organizational effectiveness, ensures efficiency and people-oriented guidance that yields productivity.

Through his workshops, strategy sessions and keynote addresses, Larry focuses on helping organizations, that are stuck in “the way it has always been done” thinking without ever achieving true satisfaction, to transform.  By producing an organizational culture that creates a contagious leadership environment, Larry helps them to deconstruct the myths of red tape, budgets and old organizational limitations using a Strengths-Based methodology that empowers organizations to achieve maximum performance, increase employee retention and heightened employee engagement.

Larry's Top 5 Strengths: Maximizer, Arranger, Strategic, Analytical, Responsibility